Customized Energy Solutions Facilitates a More Distributed Future with CES | GridBOOST

September 14, 2020 / News & Updates

Customized Energy Solutions



CES is proud to announce CES GridBOOST (Grid Bid/Offer Optimization & Scheduling Tool), a new market operations software enabled service for generation, storage, and hybrid resources.

For over 20 years CES has been providing value-added consulting and market operations services to the rapidly evolving electric industry. Over the last decade CES has further established itself among the leaders of the advanced energy storage industry in North America by understanding the market rules that impact storage assets, and by directly implementing revenue optimization strategies on behalf of asset owning clients via our 24/7 market operations center. CES provided market operations for the first two commercial utility scale advanced energy storage projects to operate in a U.S. RTO/ISO market (one a battery project and the other a flywheel project) and at present operates 32 energy storage projects representing just over 300 MW of nameplate capacity and of various duration.

Expanding upon our history of innovation and expansion of services, CES GridBOOST is designed initially with a California ISO (CAISO) focus, and leverages CES’ deep consulting and operational knowledge of the CAISO market. Expansion to serve ISO-NE and other RTO/ISO markets is actively in the works. The CES GridBOOST service optimizes revenue in the CAISO markets for grid-scale energy storage projects and will be able to optimize co-located and hybrid solar plus storage assets with later inclusion of additional asset types.

The service considers market opportunities and limitations while allowing configuration of:

  • Market risk tolerance
  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) terms
  • Technology limitations such as storage depth of discharge limitations
  • Other bid strategy considerations such as storage state of charge management
  • Default, client development, or third party developed price forecasts

CES has long been able to schedule any asset type and produce offer strategies, but with CES GridBOOST CES can now offer a more sophisticated and automated revenue maximization service.

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