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CES | PowerGREEN is advanced demand management software that lets energy-intensive businesses effortlessly reduce electricity costs.

Features & Benefits

Consulting and Strategic Planning: CES provides electricity rate and load management consulting to all CES | PowerGREEN users. Our expertise in regulatory markets and strategic planning gives PowerGREEN customers the edge in controlling energy costs.

Load Control and Energy Monitoring: CES | PowerGREEN gives customers access to their real time consumption data and enables them to set prioritization for load shedding actions. Our reporting functions help customers visualize their savings instantly.

Demand Charge Reduction allows customers to manage their coincident peaks and facility peaks, putting them in control of their energy spend.

Dynamic Pricing Optimization: CES | PowerGREEN allows users to automatically manage pricing fluctuations to their advantage. Pricing thresholds are set by the customer and strategies run automatically.

Demand Response Revenue is simplified with automated load shedding strategies enabled for customers participating in demand response programs including emergency, economic and ancillary services.

Why CES?

  • CES provides real-time intelligent load controls
  • Expertise in Regulatory Markets and ISO Operations
  • Our Market Operations Center provides 24/7 Support Coverage
  • Full service Demand Response provider with proven track record