Emerging Technologies

CES offers a range of services to help guide clients through the entire process of taking an idea from concept to final implementation for all types of emerging technologies.

Emerging Technology services provided by CES include:

  • Overview of applicable market rules via market study reports and Storage IQ
  • Scenario analysis and price forecasts to identify opportunities and risks from: changes in market regulations which include environmental rules, fuel prices, wind penetration scenarios, carbon price scenarios
  • Economic and financial analysis of various combinations of applications using CES’s suite of models called “CoMETS” (Competitive Market Evaluation Tools for Storage)
  • Facilitation of the interconnection application through the ISO/RTO process
  • Identification of potential project locations based on evaluation of historic energy, ancillary and capacity prices, and transmission congestion analysis
  • Assistance with RFOs

CES’s practical experience with the day-to-day operation of energy storage facilities in competitive energy markets provides the CES team with a valuable and unique experience base that sets our Emerging Technologies consulting services apart from other providers. By utilizing the SecureNet data acquisition system, CES incorporates State of Charge Management into its bidding strategies in order to optimize the value stream with the operation and life of the storage asset. Our team of experts understand the impact of congestion on resource operations. Our work in the Retail load and Demand Response space enables us to implement the vision that incorporates new emerging technology business ideas.

Emerging Technology Analytics: CoMETS

Revealing New Profitable Revenue Streams For Your Markets

CES’s Competitive­ Market­ Evaluation­ Tools­ for ­Storage or “CoMETS” is­ a­ suite ­of ­products­ that­ help­ technology ­and ­project­ developers evaluate and optimize energy storage for various grid connected and behind the meter applications. CoMETS was born out of the need to understand the various value propositions that can be captured by energy storage technologies. The CoMETS models include:

  • Wholesale – An optimization model for grid connected storage, using multiple value streams available in wholesale energy markets. We consider specific market rules and operating strategies.
  • Frequency Regulation – A dispatch model that evaluates second by second frequency regulation dispatch signals to estimate performance scores and cycle life in each of the major ISO/RTO markets under FERC 755 Pay for Performance.
  • Project Finance Model – A financial pro-forma model to determine the bankability and investment metrics of storage projects for banks, project developers, and equity investors. This is an extremely useful tool to determine bidding strategies for RFPs.
  • Renewable Integration Model – Utilizing the interval generation and load data, we optimize the asset value and ROI. We determine the optimal sizing of the storage facility.
  • Behind the Meter Applications – We base our analysis on retail tariffs, demand charges, and demand response revenues.

CoMETS also offers scenario analyses to understand potential opportunities and risks from: changes in market regulations which include environmental rules, fuel prices, wind penetration scenarios, and carbon price scenarios.

Since CES maintains databases of historical locational market pricing in all markets for all the generation and load buses, we use location-specific pricing information in the project evaluation. Additional insights are drawn from the power flow analysis to adjust the base case scenarios developed using historical sanitized pricing and forecasted fuel prices and wind penetration.

Marketing Intelligence Reporting For Energy Storage

CES | StorageIQ keeps you ahead of the game on Regional Grid Operators rules changes, freeing you from the labor-intensive process of attending multiple regional grid operator and state policy meetings, and interpreting comprehensive policy and regulatory filings. CES | StorageIQ provides you with the tools you need to compete in a dynamic environment, ensuring that you have the most up-to-date market impact and pricing analyses along with information pertaining to key meetings and deadlines.

Features & Benefits

  • Comprehensive coverage, in all deregulated markets
  • Succinct and informative reports tailored to meet client needs
  • Gain a competitive advantage by leveraging our extensive experience in Wholesale, Retail,  Demand Response and Congestion Management markets
  • One on one conference to review stakeholder activities
  • Timely analysis of stakeholder input
  • Experience across Wholesale, Retail, Demand Response and Congestion Management markets
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