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Energy Market Intelligence

CES | MarketIQ keeps you ahead of the game on ISO rules changes, freeing you from the labor-intensive process of attending multiple meetings and analyzing ISO trends and activities. CES | MarketIQ provides you the tools you need to compete in a dynamic environment, ensuring you have the most up-to-date ISO data and analysis to avoid errors in generation planning, basis risk management or compliance due to regulatory changes.


Market Intelligence

Features and Benefits

Comprehensive market coverage, including: CAISO, MISO, SPP, ISO-NE, NYISO, ERCOT, PJM, Mexico, and IESO (Ontario).

CES | MarketIQ services tailored to client needs including succinct, informative reports. Schedule a one-on-one call to review stakeholder activity for timely analysis and discussion.

Get access to subject-matter experts on all covered topics including: resource adequacy, capacity, demand response, financial transmission rights, intermittent resources, system planning, ancillary services, and settlements.

Why CES?

  • CES | MarketIQ provides emailed reporting and analysis of nearly all ISO rules, initiatives, and stakeholder meetings
  • Hosted portal with all reports, including historical files
  • CES’s unparalleled team of experts, many of whom have led ISO committees
  • CES Market IQ Brochure

Regulatory and Strategic Consulting

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CES assists clients to understand regulatory outcomes and capture opportunities and mitigate risks in ever more complex regulatory environments. Through CES Consulting our experts assist clients in managing research, evaluating applications, summarizing interventions, decisions and orders and providing strategic analysis in regulatory proceedings.


CES offers guidance and analysis in understanding the regulatory environment, summarizing critical points in proceedings, performing regulatory and procedural analysis, and working with our clients to understand the critical decision points that impact your bottom line.

We assist organizations with every aspect of the regulatory proceeding whether written filings or oral testimony. Our team understands procedural matters as well as the subject matter – whether it is a rate case, rulemaking, complaint or application.

Our experts can assist you in securing legal counsel or expert witnesses, if needed, and we can help you to comply with federal, state, ISO/RTO, and utility regulations.

CES’s cross-market analysts will provide expert guidance, advice and analysis of the ISO/ RTO, State and Federal procedural rules and requirements and the process to change or appeal rules, clarify or appeal findings or decisions and related policy/procedural matters.

General Terms and Rates

  1. Deliverables
    • Regulatory Support and Consulting for the specified market
    • Periodic, timely reports based on key meetings/hearings/proceedings and other meetings of special client interest
    • Monthly executive summary of key topics
    • Monthly update conference call at option of client
    • Ability to contact our regulatory consultants and SMEs at will about the content of the reports as well as
    • questions about proceedings or specific topics
    • Special near-real time alerts when time-sensitive or market-moving intelligence is received
  2. Key Benefits
    • Providing subject matter expertise and stakeholder-related intelligence to Clients for a fraction of the costs of adding additional regulatory staff
    • Providing access to the information and in-depth analysis that can confer a competitive advantage and ensure
    • Client’s success in the markets
    • Providing access to the intelligence that competitors have
    • Allowing performance of regular business activities vs. attending stakeholder meetings
    • Allow focusing on participating in stakeholder discussions rather than documenting them