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Retail Energy Services


Your Partner in Growth

CES has been advancing the growth of power and gas retailers with hosted software solutions, expertise, and service since 1998.

Features & Benefits

CES’s innovative, comprehensive performance-guaranteed hosted software offers data management (EDI), billing, and forecasting/scheduling services, at unit costs that decrease as you grow. Get started with no up-front payments and rapid initial setup time, in all U.S. retail markets!

Become more competitive with timely, accurate, fixed cost-to-serve pricing. CES can help you accelerate market entry, reduce bill-to-cash cycle time, and assure accurate wholesale settlements.

Our team of specialized experts has been serving power and gas retailers in market entry, state and regional grid operator registration, renewable compliance, and market intelligence since 1998.

Why CES?

  • Comprehensive performance-guaranteed hosted software solutions rapid set up, with no up-front costs: CES | BLUE, CES | GREEN, CES | MarketIQ
  • Manage utility data accurately
  • Track actual cost-to-serve
  • Reduce cost-to-serve by minimizing errors
  • Improve billing-to-cash flow cycle

Market Entry

Retail Market Entry, Registration, and Data Transfer

Rapid market entry and execution provides clients a crucial and competitive advantage in fast-moving markets.

Features & Benefits

Business plan reviews by expert specialists to evaluate market size and composition, sales and marketing, potential customers, risk analysis and risk management planning, regulatory compliance, cost analysis, market and product pricing.

Data process reviews help you optimize processes including certifications and licensing, marketing and contracting requirements, access to electric utility customer information, customer enrollment and data interchange with utility, load forecasting and scheduling requirements, and customer invoicing.

Training and Setup: CES experts handle registration and permits as well as market participant (EDI) testing. We’ll even provide training for your staff on market operations and rules.

Transfer data to CES | BLUE quickly and easily, including all customer accounts, billing parameters, and historical data.

Why CES?

  • We review all key business plans & data flow processes to assess and improve your competitive position
  • Zero-delay utility EDI testing and state, regional grid operators, & FERC registration
  • Transfer data seamlessly to our comprehensive hosted solution platform within days

Sales & Pricing

Hosted Software Solutions

Cost-effective and disciplined customer acquisition and renewals are facilitated and effectively managed with CES|BLUE.


Features & Benefits

Cost-of-service pricing: Daily, market-based, full-requirements pricing, risk-adjusted by user is available in most de-regulated retail markets. We break prices down into 31 components. With CES there are no hidden margins, no bias, no delays—easy to understand and track.

Track sales and commissions with application program interface (API) links to major customer service management (CSM) tools. We offer financial/accounting packages to keep you fully updated on rate information, commission information, customer account information, and pending additions and drops.

User-friendly customer service hosted software with the up-to-date customer information you need to acquire customers and retain them with high-quality service.

Why CES?

  • Seamless integration of CSM, contract management, billing, & financial accounting
  • Timely & accurate fixed cost-to-serve pricing
  • One-stop customer service portal
  • Discounted pricing when you contract for multiple services

Customer Enrollment & Data Service

Hosted Software Solutions

High-performance, user-friendly transaction management to reduce errors and keep cost-to-serve down is now available.


Robust SQL database driven by a hosted solution fits your work flow. CES | BLUE makes it easy to track and observe growth and problem areas, and catches utility file and operator errors.

Quickly track new enrollments, account changes and drops, and utilize batch processing and API. CES | BLUE offers you user-friendly account access and provides you with tax reporting and product management.

Reports: Account & customer information, enrollment missing responses, enrollment overview, accounts enrolled but not billing, remittance report, enrollment rejections report, active accounts report, drop totals report, dropped accounts report, enrollment counts report, historical usage for pricing report, usage data report.

Exchange and process EDI documents with trading partners using state-of-the-art transport technologies with business rule updates.

Why CES?

  • Performance guaranteed or your money back
  • View or download received & submitted data with our secure hosted solution, CES | BLUE
  • Standard & customized reporting lets you cover all markets with one system
  • No up-front costs— and cost per account decreases with volume

Customer Usage & Billing

Hosted Software Solutions

Compress billing-to-cash cycle in all markets without errors—all under one easy-to-use hosted solution.



Bill-ready billing: Flexible products and pricing options are available across utility bill cycles. Delivery of all invoice charges transmitted to the utility is completed within 2 business days of receipt of valid usage data. Any bill errors are resolved quickly within 1 business day.

Rate-ready, premium, and dual billing services.

Monthly usage data, invoicing, utility remittance processing, unbilled reporting and customizable reporting—all in one hosted solution.

Business continuity assurance through full back-ups and disaster recovery.

Why CES?

  • Performance guaranteed or your money back
  • Meets all your usage & billing needs in all markets under one portal
  • Standard & customized reporting
  • No up-front costs—and cost per account decreases with volume, scaled by billing complexity

Forecasting & Scheduling

Hosted Software Solutions

More accurate forecasting & scheduling that minimizes unintended real-time purchases/sales and related operating reserve costs and facilitates cash and credit planning is now available.



Use the one-stop CES | BLUE hosted platform to access forecasting, scheduling, settlement validation, load and usage information.

Short-term load forecasting based on applicable weather forecasts for next 7 days, every business day. Long-term load forecasting conducted monthly, based on normal weather and duration of customer contract.

Load schedules based on short-term forecast and client scheduling strategies, submitted in accordance with utility and regional grid operator procedures.

Why CES?

  • Performance guaranteed or your money back
  • Account-level hourly forecasting & scheduling
  • Standard & customized reporting
  • No up-front costs—and cost per account decreases with volume