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Demand Side Energy Management


When electricity demand exceeds supply it may result in a grid outage. Demand response programs incentivize large energy users to reduce their consumption under times of grid stress. Turning down a portion of your organization’s energy usage helps maintain grid stability, creates a revenue stream for your organization and enables the grid to avoid building more generation to manage demand.

CES serves as your trusted energy advisor and works cooperatively with our customers to create a strategy to reduce non-essential energy with minimal impact to your operations. CES facilitates wholesale market participation from aggregation of individual homes to 80mw stand-alone customers.

Participation in demand response program is not only good for the environment, it is good for your operations, allowing you to take pre-emptive steps to manage your electric usage and avoid brownouts or blackouts. Be part of the solution, help to ease the environmental burden and earn money at the same time.


It is not simply how much energy you use but when you use it that determines the overall charges on your electricity bills. As an electric consumer you pay for both the energy you consume and the amount of energy that needs to be available to serve you during your peaks.

Organizations pay a capacity and transmission charge each month based on their energy consumption during the highest hours of peak demand both on the grid and at the local utility level.

CES helps companies capture the full value of their peak load management through our monitoring and alerting solutions. Our proprietary predictive analytics monitor weather, historical pricing and grid consumption and alerts you as to when these peaks are likely to occur. Reduction of power is a completely voluntary, no-risk method that allows customers to shift their energy usage and control their capacity and transmission charges.

Be part of the solution, help the environment and save money on your energy usage.


  • CES is a full-service Demand Response provider with a proven track record
  • Participate with no cost and no risk to your facility
  • CES has over 23 years of expertise in Regulatory Markets and ISO Operations
  • Our Market Operations Center provides 24/7 Support Coverage

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